Ayurveda being a science of life requires to be taught,incorporated and accepted thoroughly by its disciples, which made its founding icons to establish this college & is followed till date also .In an atmosphere where godness saraswati pampers her disciples with prime illumination & knowledge of best order,the out comes are admired till date & everywhere.

The organization which crossed many of its developmental milestone starting from a graduate college is now having P.G college with P.G. Depts.of seven wings(viz. Ras Shastra,Pachkarama & Shalya Tantram,Shalakya,Kayachikitsa,Prasuti & stri Roga,Dravyaguna ).A premises of 25 acres with a garden of 500 genes, a hospital with more than 200 beds, administrative block, graduation depts. of 14 subjects, an auditorium with a capacity of 540 seats & accommodation for students as well as faculty members are garnishing this giant organization.