Dedicated to vaidya Mukndilal Dwivedi ji the out Patient Department is running with 10 O.P.D.S

Including all the seven sections with Geriatrics, Yogic methodology & Emergency as well. The indoor

Eequipped with 200 beds is heving many kinds of ancient and modern facilities for not only snehana-

Swedana but basti karma, vamana, virechana, shirothara as well, is functional. A  surgery       section,

Providing almost all king of surgeries including general,  obstetric,  gynecological,  ophthalmological

and specially mentioning Parasurgical Practices such as Ksharsutra jalaukawcharana ( raktamokshana)

Agnikarma & Ksharkarma as well, is dedicating its services to the hospital. A fully computerized patho-

logical investigation setup is assisting the hospital always and An ultra-sonography & advanced X-Ray

setup are also contributing their services for every kind of help in imaging and diagnostics. A dept. of

ophthalmology & E.N.T. is working above par as being equipped with computerized autorefractometer

slit-lamp derect & indirect ophthalmoscopes etc. emergency services are standing their round the clock

as well.