Stri Prasuti

General Introduction

Rishikul State Ayurvedic P.G. College and Hospital, the pious institute, established by Pt. M.M.Malviya in ____.  The legendry college of Ayurveda of North India should have proud to be called as an asset of Ayurveda for it’s state.

The Department of Prasuti Tantra, Stri & Bal Roga is one of the most successful department of the institute. From the beginning, this department is successfully providing it’s all kind of services in the field of Prasuti, Stri Roga & Bal Roga with the help of it’s ‘Chatushpad’. Now this department is running as Prasuti & Stri Roga Department since.


TEACHING STAFF with External Experts

  • Reader and Head of Department
  • Reader
  • Lecturer
  • External Experts : Dr. Neeta Mehra




Dr. Kalpana Sharma

Dr. Keerti Verma

Dr. Pravesh Tomar

  • NURSING STAFF : Labour Room Incharge & Staff Nurse
  • Aya or Dai
  • Sweepers


EXTERNAL  EXPERTS :  Obstetrics and Gynecology : Dr. Neeta Mehra (MBBS, MS)

Attached on contractual basis.



  • Hospital : OPD & IPD
  • OPD with P/V Examination room – 1, 1
  • Well established ward with 35 beds as per CCIM
  • Doctor’s Duty Room – 1
  • Labour Room with all equipments and instruments along with Nursery – 1, 1
  • Staff Rooms   1. Professor

2. Readers

3. Lecturer

Spaces according to CCIM norms and with attached toilets

  • O.T.  – 1
  • Well furnished Conference Hall – 1
  • Museum with Charts & Models – 1
  • Special Therapy Room – 1



  • Rotatory OPD duties from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Three days in the week for screening & vaccination of ANCs.
  • Admissions are open in routine O.P.D. & emergency also as per need for condition of patient.
  • Counseling for diet regimen especially for ANCs and also for case of infertility and contraception is done.
  • All kind of therapies e.g. Uttarbasti, Pichu, Dhawan, Dahan are provided.
  • ANCs are registered under Jannani Suraksha Yojana.
  • IUCD (Cu T) is applied as per need.
  • Due to parallel support of our Bal Roga Department, Neonatal  Care and all vaccination are also provided.
  • Punsavan Sanskar – Initial Jat Sanskar



                     ROTP : Feb-March’ 12




  • Daily classes
  • Daily OPD & Indoor duties
  • Weekly seminars         Combined : Wednesday

Departmental : Thursday

  • Daily Morning round for follow up of Management
  • Case Record with note, partogram preparation



Esp. Ayurvedic treatment for DUB & fibroid uterus(small size), leucorrhoea, Anaemia and Hyperemesis grvidarum in ANC, Anuvasan Vasti in 35-36 wks, Monthly regime for ANC.