Sharir- Rachana


Rachana Sharir department stand as an important department  of the  Ayurvedic college. The anatomy department of the Rishikul Ayurvedic College established in the year 1919  as establishment of the college .The department is located in north-east direction of the college campus. It also now a days known as Ist year BAMS wing. Under the wing encompasses, faculty offices, well equipped  lecture halls, museum hall, model room, departmental library, etc.

On either side of the wing  there is a large-sized well equipped dissection hall. Under the wing  Rachna Sharir subject compulsorily  taught  to the student of  Ist BAMS in the form of theory and dissection. The subject has a long back history in the form of  sSharir Sthana which had been written by the great Indian Surgeon ‘Shushruta’ around 5th B.C. Therefore Sushruta Samhita has accepted a superior literature among all available Sharir related literatures. ( “kkjhjs lqJqr Js’B% )

Daily Activities

1) The conduction of theory and practical classes according to prescribed time table .

2) Subject is taught to students in both way ( Ancient and Modern) anatomy in scientific and in correlative form.


The Department is established in just a twice of the area which has required by the CCIM norms and  it is equipped with following study materials :-

1) There is plenty of required model and charts.

2) More than 180 wet specimens(Human Organs) are preserved in glass jars.

3)  Department has one binocular and three student type microscopes,  microtome, one OHP  with screen and X-ray view box.

4) More than 100 flex charts.

5) Departmental library contains more than 200 subject related books.

6) Department has well equipped big dissection hall as prescribed by the CCIM norms.

8) There is a deep freezer for dead bodies preservation.


Educational Activities

1)  The teachers and students participates time- to- time  in different  seminars and ROTP’s, organised by the different institutions.

2)  BAMS Ist Proff. students  gain the knowledge of subject by studying models, charts, wet specimens and cadaveric dissection every year.

3)  A student also enriched their knowledge study tours.

4)  An active participation of teachers and students are in the writing of an article or abstract for the presentation of seminar or to publish in the  magazine.