Shalya Tantra Department

The legacy of touching lives stems from the four pillars of Department’s philosophy -

Research, Experience, Expertise and Excellence.

Rishikul Govt. P.G. Ayurvedic College & Hospital cherish its unique position of one of the Ayurvedic hospital with large no. of OPD & IPD patients. IT IS THE ONLY AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL RUN BY GOVT. OF UTTARAKHAND THAT HAS ROUND THE CLOCK EMERGENCY SERVICES. It follows solely the principles of humanity and serving to mankind since past 93 years.

Faculty:-ShalyaTantra Department is headed by

Prof.(Dr.)Pradeep Kumar {M.D(Ay.), BHU, Varanasi}


I.       Dr Ajay Kumar Gupta                  {M.S(Ay), BHU, Varanasi}

II.           Dr Vishal Verma                       {M.S(Ay)H.P University , Shimla}

III.          Prof.Pankaj Sharma                    {M.S(Ay), Jamnagar}

IV.            Dr Anil Kumar                          {RGPGACH, Hardwar}  --(Anesthetist)-- (M.O.)

Visiting Modern Faculty

*        Dr. N.K. Agrawal                   {Surgeon}

*        Dr. S. Chandra                     {Anaesthetist}

*        Dr. S. Maheshwari                {Anaesthetist}

*        Dr. A.K. Bahel                      {Radiologist}

This institute has great historical significance in contributing to the well being of society, till today it is following the same path with the noble cause. It consist of 3 major facilities:

OPD ,IPD, Operation theaters.

Several surgical procedures like Hernia, Hydrocoele, Cholecystectomy, Appendicectomy, Perforation, Prostatectomy,Anorectal surgeries etc. are performed routinely by skilled surgeons.

Hospital Infrastructure :

·         OPD – outdoor patient department

·         IPD -indoor patient department- male (30 bed)& female ward(10 bed),

·         OT -operation theaters: 2 separate Minor OTs

·         2 full fledged Major OTs -General & Orthopedic

 Monitoring system- N.I.B.P, Multi-paraoxymeter, Finger-Tip Pulse oxymeter, Boyle’s apparatus etc.

Our Shalyatantra department has well equipped and maintained operation theatres for major and minor operative procedures.

The Library

It has a comprehensive collection of all types of books,periodicals, journals , government reports,  and allied disciplines to allow  students  to go beyond the course matter and read more about the areas of interest. It also has photocopy , computerization facility.

The Seminar Hall

Capacity around 50 people for Interactive learning, curriculum analysis and application by sophisticated audio-visual aids and advanced presentation tools(like LCD projector and OHP projector)


Kshar Sutra Laboratory-

Here students prepare different varieties of Kshar Sutra and KsharVarti under full aseptic measures.

 Types of Surgical Treatments practices :

  1. Specialized:  Kshar Sutra – The Unique Healing Medicated Thread for *Fistula-in-Ano, Rectal prolapse, Piles, Fissure exclusively by Ayurvedic treatment.

*(The patient maintains his normal routine activities as usual during the treatment period)

**Even today when the modern surgery is at its peak, fistula-in-ano is still a challenge to the surgeons for its incidence of recurrence & Postoperative complications.

  1. General Surgeries for:Pittashay–ashmari (cholelithiasis), Vrikk–ashmari (renal calculus), Paurushgrathivridi (B.P.H), Hernia, Hysterectomy, Guda-bhrinsh (Prolapse of rectum) Antra-puchchhashotha(Appendicitis), Chhidrodara(Perforation) etc.
  1. Para  Surgical  Methods:- Jalaukav charan(leech therapy), Agni karma, Prakchan karma
  1. Investigation unit

a)      Radiology : world class machines for  X-Ray’s and  USG

b)      Laproscopy

c)      Cystoscopy

d)     Uroflowmetry


Detailed description of Shalya last 3 years-

Total IPD Pts. Total OPD Pts. Total Major Cases Total Minor Cases Total P.O.P Cases Total Kshar Sutra Cases
2889 21231 532 3640 125 2446

Academic Objective

PG courses were started in 2006 for Surgical Excellence in today’s dynamic environment calls for critical capabilities, viz:-

  1. Understand the existing concepts and practices in critical  operative cases.
  2. Enable the students to integrate the functional knowledge & experience.
  3. Help Patients reflect & examine their personal care process.

Work of P.G Scholars- Apart from theory and practical classes, assist in Surgeries. They contrive pre and post operative management of  patients under the supervision of consultants.

Undergraduate & Post Graduate Medical students carry following key specialized practices apart from diagnostic, therapeutic & practical skill/classes.


1)      Shloka-Antakshari,

2)      Weekly common seminars,

3)      Weekly departmental seminars

4)      Symposium.

Since 2006, every year 5 scholars qualify through this department successfully. This College is also engaged with its enthusiastic researchers to conduct clinical study in different surgical fields. In 2010 P.G session, the clinical studies in progress are-

  1. Bhagandara (Fistula-in-ano),
  2. Vrikk-ashmari (Renal calculus),
  3. Dushtvrana (Chronic wound),
  4. Paurushgranthivridi-B.P.H (Benign prostate hyperplasia),
  5. Parinam shool (Peptic ulcer).

Bio Data Of Teacher
1)Pankaj Kumar Sharma
2)Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta
3)Dr. Vishal Verma