Samhita Sanskrit-Siddhanta Department

The Department of Samhita, Sanskrit and Siddhanta commonly known as department of basic principles have its root in making  understand the theoretical and clinical concepts in the field of Ayurveda.This is the only department which is in continuous and regular touch with the students during their whole educational period in this college. This department is mainly concerned with the important Samhita’s of Brihtri and continuously teaches Charak Samhita and Astang Hridayam to BAMS course students and makes them aware primarily with the basic theoretical and clinical siddhantic concepts related to ayurveda in the form of Padarth Vigyana and secondarily also makes them familiar with the basic knowledge of Sanskrit. In addition to this ,History of Ayurveda is taught to newly admitted students to make them familiar with the historical background, updation, progress, research and wide spreading acceptability of ayurveda with time to time.         The teaching staff headed by Prof. (Dr) Anup. Kumar Gakkhar along with Mrs Suman Mishra  and Dr Lokinder, lecturers, is engaged regularly in teaching work of all the three professional classes as per time scheduleThe staff of this department is in regular touch with students in preparing flex charts, models, compilations etc. and helps students in memorizing shlokas regularly.Infra-StructureThe department has one well equipped HODs/Prof. room and two faculty rooms measuring more in accordance with CCIM norms, along with this it has its own museum cum library room with all the necessary books. The department is well equipped with LCD projector, Overhead Projector, Computer with internet facility.

Educational Activities

Students of BAMS course are regularly enriched with the knowledge of Samhita’s, basic, Sanskrit language and siddhantic concepts of ayurveda through continuous  regular teaching and visual presentations

Verbal shlokas memorization is motivated through

Bio Data Of Teacher
1)Dr. Anup Kumar Gakkhar
2)Dr. Suman Mishra
3)Dr. Lokinder