Panchakarma Department

        Panchakarma is a fivefold purification therapy of the body, consisting following five procedures –

  1. Vamana Karma – Therapeutic Emesis
  2. Virechana Karma – Therapeutic Purgation
  3. Niruha Vasti  – Therapeutic  Decoction Enema
  4. Anuvasana Vasti – Therapeutic  Oil Enema
  5. Nasya Karma  – Nasal Medication

Other procedures of Panchakarma called Keraleeya Therapies include the following –

  • Shirodhara
  • Shirovasti
  • Sarvang Dhara (Pidichil)
  • Kati Vasti
  • Greeva Vasti
  • Janu Vasti
  • Udavartan
  • Shastishali Pinda Sweda
  • Patra Pinda Sweda
  • Sarvanga Abhyanga Swedana

Teaching Faculty/Consultants

Dr. Uttam Kumar Sharma  -  Professor

Dr. K. K. Sharma                  -   Reader

Dr. Alok Srivastava              -   Lecturer


                   Department Activities

The  P.G  department  of Panchankarma  of Rishikul Govt. Ayrvedic College,Haridwar deals in U.G – P.G teaching, O.P.D clinic and I.P.D  and it has a well equipped therapy unit.

O.P.D clinic

There are two consultant rooms of O.P.D of Panchakarma department. Patients are examined by the consultants and if advise any therapy, first they are admitted and then prescribed therapy is performed by expert therapists


 In-patients’ door

Patients admitted in the ward, are provided medicines, diet free of cost. Prescribed therapies are performed by expert therapists under observation of skilled physicians

Private ward

There is a separate wing for in-patients with more facilities. There are latrine-bathroom attached and well furnished A.C and Non A.C rooms for admitted patients. A separate therapy unit with all necessary equipments and medicines for the private ward patients. For these facilities patients are charged according to a fixed rate chart.


Therapy unit

Five main procedures-Vamana karma,Virechana karma,Vasti karma (Anuvasana & Nirha),and Nasya karma are performed in therapy unit. Along with these procedures various Abhyanga,Swedana procedures are in practice. Various keraleeya therapy procedures are done very popularly and frequently i.e – Shirodhara,Shirovasti,Pidichil,Kati Vasti,Janu Vasti,Shastikshali Pinda Swedana  etc.

Bio Data Of Teacher
1)Dr. Uttam Kumar Sharma
2)Dr. K.K.Sharma
3)Dr. Alok Kumar Srivastava