Kaumar Bhritya

  1. 1.   General Introduction of the Department-

The department of kaumarbhritya is working as independent department as per schedule of Ayurvedacharya  (B.A.M.S) syllabus conducted by central council of Indian medicine, New Delhi.

The department of kaumarbhritya is situated on second floor of the sushrut bhawan.

  1. 2.   Daily Activities of the Department-

The teachers of department deliver their lectures to the students of the B.A.M.S for theory and clinical classes as per the time table is scheduled. The teachers give their services in O.P.D, I.P.D, Emergency duties and on call duties in the hospital.

Students prepare their history sheets of patents, models and articles compilation in the guidance of teacher.

  1. 3.   Infrastructure-

i.            Professor room -1

ii.            Reader room- 1

iii.            Lecturer room-1

iv.            Kaumarbhritya museum- 1( equipped with charts and models)

v.            O.P.D room-1

vi.            Nuesary-1 (nursery is equipped with Neonatal warmer, oxygen, suction machine and phototherapy unit for neonatal care)

vii.            Kaumarbhritya ward-1


  1. 4.   Acedemic activities-

Camps- Camps are organized by teachers of Bal Rog department in rural areas, schools and orphanages for treatment and health checkup.

  1. 5.   Staff-


Professor – Dr. D.N Sharma

Reader – Dr. Keerti Verma

Lecturer – Dr. Reena Pandey