Dravyaguna Department

INTRODUCTION OF DEPARTMENT:  This is the part of model state ayurvedic college of Uttarakhand Govt.   BAMS & PG courses are running here.This is the only unit of Ayush department of Uttarakhand govt,where the PG dravyaguna is going on. Sixty students for BAMS & Four student for MD admit in each academic year. Qualified teaching staff including higher faculty and lower faculty as per the CCIM norms have been appointed to provide proper training to the UG & P.G. students in the department.

One Professor(Dr. Kamini Kaushal),One Reader(Dr. D.C.Singh) & Four other faculties (Dr. Ravi verma,Dr.Suresh Chaubey,Dr.Ashwini Sharma &Dr.Manoj Adhlakha)are appointed here by Uttarakhand Govt. Four Malies & two Peons are serving here.We are having most presious assest of deparment is our muesium for medicinal plant specimens.Total specimens are 300. We are also maintaing a large beautiful herbal garden for practical value addition. Number of medicinal plants are 647.A well equipped Pharmacognocy Lab is  available here.

All the facilities in respect of equipment & training hospital is available for our students.


The department is imparting proper theory and practical knowledge to the students and  P.G. scholars. Regular Classes and Internal assessment are going on. Proper facility for indoor & out door activities alongwith a good mentorship is also available.

Indoor activities:

Daily Theory and Practical classes are being conducted for BAMS & PG scholars. We trained our students to identify the dry samples as well as green sample of medicinal plants,making of herbarium sheets of rare & endangered medicinal plants.Practicals of pharmacognocy.

Out door activities:

Educational tours are arranged in every season for every year students.

INFRA STURUCTURE: All the  department’s rooms &  museum are spacious and well maintained.Available facility as:


Field magnifier
Compound microscope
Dissecting Mircoscope
Computer with Internet connection with printer
Digital camera zoom lens – 5 megamixed
Stop watch
Glass wares:-
Volumetric flasks & pippets
Porcelain dishes

1.    Macroscopic & Microscopic Studies-Instruments Like-Microscope, slides box, with cover slips, Reagents, chemicals , Camera lucida etc.
2.    Physicochemnical test:-
a.     Solubility test
b. Moisture content
c.     Ph
d.    Specific gravity.
e.    Ash value
1.    Chemical balance
2.    Physical balance
3.    Ph.Meter
4.    Crucibles
5.    Burners
6.    Spirit Lamp
7.    Test tubes with stand holder
8.    Blotting/filter papers
9.    Watch Glass
10.    Mortar pastle (ceramic & stone)
11.    Mixer grinder(small)
12.    Spatula
13.    Hot plate
14.    Wooden Racks
15.    Reagents
a.    Water
b.     Choloroform
c.     Alcohold.
d.    HCI
e.    Sulphuric acid
f.     Sodium, potassium hydrxide
g.    Benedict solution
h.     Sodium nitrate
i.    Potasium nitrate
j.    Citric acid
k.    Dissection Box
l.    Enamel Trays
m.    Microtome
n.    Fehlings Soln
o.    Iodine
p.    Potatium Iodiale
q.     Ethyl Alcohol
r.    cloral hydrnte
s.     Xylol/pure xylene
t.     Na OH/ICOH
u.     Safrunis Past reon
v.     Canata Balsam Reagent etc
w.    Dish

1.    Racks/showcase
2.    Containers(glass)for fresh/live specimen(specimen preservation)
a.     Preferably rare drugs
b.     Solution formaline, Cuso4 to retain the color distilled water
3.    Dry specimen-
a.    Transparent Jars(small)
c.     Replaces the sample periodically
d.    Herbarium sheets-no limit
e.     Photographs of all medicinal plants

1.     Samanya vishesha siddhantha
2.     Panchabhautic siddhanta
3.    Dravya
4.    Rasadi Panchakas(7)
5.    Classification of Dravya(many)
6.    Evolution of Dravyaguna
7.     Basic Botany-specific parts to modification
8.    Microsopic section of the parts of the plant
9.    Modern Charts on general pharmacology.



S.No. Details Information
1. Herbal Garden Available, Good Herbal garden with plenty of plants like tree, herbs,shrubs,climbers etc.with plenty irrigation facility.
2. Whether College and Herbal Garden are in same premises- Yes
3. Total Number of Plants available 647
4. Total Number of Species available Ap. 350


The department is imparting proper theory and practical knowledge to the students and P.G. scholars. Regular Classes and Internal Examinations are going on.Every year 2 short term & 1 long term educational tour are organized to train the UG & PG students.


1. Dr. Kamini kaushal – Professor
2. Dr. D.C.Singh- Reader
3. Dr.Ravi Verma- Reader
4. Dr. Suresh Chaubey- Lecturer
5. Dr. Ashwini Sharma- Lecturer
6. Dr.Manoj Adhlakha-Lacturer

Bio Data Of Teacher
1)Dr. D.C.Singh
2)Dr. Suresh Chaubey
3)Dr. Ravi Kumar
4)Dr.Ashwani Kumar Sharma