Agad- Tantra Department

Introduction of Department : – Agad-tantra is that branch of Ashtanga-Ayurveda that deals with the study of diagnosis, treatment & prevention of different snake, insect, rat and other animal bite and different Gar & Dushi visha.(S.Su.1/6)

It’s Forensic toxicology of today, which deals with the source, properties, absorption, fate, pharmacological and toxicological action, sign-symptoms in human being, fatal-dose, fatal-period of different poisons, laboratory-investigation, diagnosis, treatment, circumstances and other medico legal aspects of different types of poisoning cases.

Vyavharayurveda is also known as legal medicine, relates to application of medical knowledge for dispensation of justice in a court of Law. This subject teaches a medical student how to use his knowledge of Anatomy, physiology, pathology, Pharmacology, Medicine, Surgery & Gynecology, etc., to clarify or solve related legal problems.

Daily activities : -Daily activities of the department can be divided into two parts-

(1) Theoretical activities- under this we are taking scheduled theoretical classes of the subject, for that we have presently four faculty member.

(2) Practical activities-under this we are practically demonstrating the forensic and toxicological topics with the help of models, charts, weapons, specimens and toxicological plant garden present in our college.

Student are regularly getting knowledge of Autopsy and different medico legal aspect from District hospital, Hardwar.

Infrastructure : – department have following infrastructure

(1)   One Reader & one lecturer.

(2)   Models, chart’s, weapons, specimens ( plant, animal, mineral, acid-alkali, alcohol etc.,).

(3)   Two separate chamber for faculty.

(4)   One museum.

(5)    Toxicological plant garden.

Educational Activity: – (1) students are regularly getting knowledge of identification of toxic plants from our toxicological plant garden and their useful/toxic parts from their samples kept in the museum.

(2) Seminar :- after getting the practical post mortem & medico legal knowledge from the district Hospital, Hardwar, students represents their post mortem case in the practical class room weekly and take part in open discussion.

Bio Data Of Teacher
1)Dr. Ramesh Chandra Tewari