Black Jack and Card Counting

The game of black jack is certainly one of the most practiced, played and loved card games not only in real casinos but also and above all on online casinos , comfortably seated at home in front of the monitor, thousands and thousands of players have fun every day with this simple but unpredictable card game, and obviously many try to create or simply look for a safe and effective strategy that makes them easily win online games… and not; all this reminds a little of the ancient alchemists in search of the philosopher’s stone, not that winning at black jack is so difficult however, as in any card game, there may be a trick to follow but the component of luck and skill is there and always remains very high.

In blackjack we hear very often about mathematically proven tricks, it is certainly not up to us to say if all these tricks are true or not, and it is certainly not up to us to establish if mathematical tests have been carried out. Certainly many have tried and try to force the system but it is certain that mathematics is an exact science and the game of cards inevitably remains closely linked to chance, because the cards are always the same and you can do all the accounts that we want them but it is still highly probable that the card we want will not come out.

Now black jack , even online, has a rather common trick which is to count, yes, count the cards that come out of the deck one by one, this gives us a certain ability to predict what type of card can come out based on the number of cards that have already been turned and obviously gives us an ability, albeit limited, to predict what kind of card will come out and allows us to choose whether to call a new card or whether to stay with those who are at the table. Some, and here we return to mathematics, argue that the Basic Strategy derived from the counting system is infallible, without considering all this however it can already be said that a valid blackjack trick is to count the cards that come out, the rest , of course, luck does.